Monday, June 28, 2010

Spring Onions

I bought these beauties at the farmer's market on Saturday. What I like about spring onions is that the greens are edible, like on a scallion, so you have more ways to add savor to a dish. Since it is already so hot here in NYC, I'm not wanting to do much cooking and all I want to eat are light, fresh dishes. This often means a variety of salads, which these spring onions would be wonderful in. After a long workout yesterday I needed a good recovery meal so I cooked some whole wheat spaghetti (it was almost too hot to boil water) and sauteed some onion bulb with kale, garlic, and just a little bit of smoked chicken sausage. I tossed it together with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, sea salt, a little bit of grated parmesan and then chopped some of the onion greens and threw them in raw to add a little coolness and crunch. It was delicious and simple. Of course, before I started dinner I had to photograph the beautiful bunch. I have incredible light through my west window for a few hours late in the day, perfect for photographing food.

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