Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Limited

Here is some more work from a recent shoot I did for The Limited, it's a screen shot from the website featuring "going-out tops". If you'd like to take a better look at the photos or to shop the tops (they are beautiful!) go to .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Faking a Sunny Day

I recently had a shoot with The Limited during which we had planned to include a series of images to showcase pieces from their new athletic line and the idea was something to the effect of "urban yoga studio awash with sunlight". It sounded great in planning so we scouted our location (it was a bright yellowy, sunny day) excited for the shoot. When the day arrived, along with a crew of 7 people, it was gray, rainy, and quite dark. The building in view through the windows was also gray. While this was not ideal, it was an opportunity to conquer a photographic challenge and produce the look we wanted regardless of Mother Nature's plans to rinse the city that day. Although it may have been easier and less stressful to actually have a wash of sunlight, I will admit that it is quite gratifying to utilize some of the tricks up my sleeve.