Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mystery Film

Occasionally I'll find an unprocessed roll of film in a drawer or tucked in the side pocket of a case and wonder first why it hasn't been processed, and then, of course, I wonder what is on it. I was hesitant to run to the lab last week upon finding a loosely wound roll of Astia. Between the imminent light leaks and factoring in how disappointing it was the last time I processed mystery film, (3 blank rolls and 1 roll of uninteresting portraits from an assignment 10 years ago), I considered throwing it back in the drawer for another time. Ultimately I dropped it off for processing alongside a roll I was very excited to have processed. I figure this is the only way to do it, to take mystery film in along with rolls I know I will be excited to see. When I picked up the film there were images, albeit with light leaks, from a trip to MI. This was taken from my grandmother's beach.