Friday, August 14, 2009

Final Print

Back in February I posted an entry about the beginning stages of an experimental project, one that I fully executed, shown here. The initial experiment was shot digitally from the television screen primarily to find out if the image would relay in any desirable way. It did, considering that the ultimate intention was to make an image with a distressed quality to enhance the surreal and dreamy aspects of the image content. I started by choosing color palettes that mimic the muted, faded colors of an old photograph and then used materials that would have an inherently worn looking quality. I first shot the images with a neutral toned chrome film and then exposed them onto a Polaroid film which can be used to make dye transfers. I then transferred the dyes onto watercolor paper and made high resolution scans of the these prints. After a small amount of adjusting (mostly contrast adjustments) I then printed the final images onto canvas. I felt that the canvas would best emulate the texture of the dye transfers while allowing a large print size (34"x 22"). I stretched the prints over wooden bars, like one would do with a painting, so that the result could be unframed without looking unfinished.