Monday, March 22, 2010

Josephine Rose

I had a wonderful shoot on Saturday with this amazing redhead, Josie. I sometimes equate photographing kids with wildlife photography: a lot of hanging back and patiently waiting for things to unfold, all the while ready to capture fleeting moments of magic without influencing them. On commercial shoots there are frequently what we call "baby wranglers" who attempt to contain and direct the children on a shoot. Under some circumstances it can be helpful and maybe even necessary, but I find that I get much more purity in the images by not trying to contain a child during a shoot. By simply spending time with them I am able to capture the wonder that can only be found in a moment when it is inherent, not directed. Josie is a sweet and happy girl so it was a very fun shoot on a perfect Spring day in Brooklyn. Josie's mom, none other than Shannon Lorraine, put her in one stylish outfit after another. Shannon is the founder of, bringing you the best kept secrets in fashion and is also focused on sustainable practices, which by now many of you know I am an advocate of. Before long we may see Josie as the face of Foundfuture!


  1. I witnessed that wonderful event and also saw the magic. Your love of children and love of your job was evident and resulted in some amazing photos. It was a great day and I was so lucky to be part of it.

    Hope to see you the next time I visit and hope you're all moved in and loving your new apartment! xoxo Cheryl

  2. she is such a beautiful little girl and it is a beautiful picture...