Monday, March 8, 2010

Become Your Dream

I don't generally use the camera on my phone for much, but the other night it came in handy to document a very "New York" moment. Sometimes the over stimulation of living here can be exhausting and at other times totally exhilarating. Recently it has been a bit exhausting so it was a beautiful and much needed reminder of how inspiring this city is. This is a pile of garbage that included a stove on which someone had written "BECOME YOUR DREAM". It's a nice sentiment on it's own and came at the right time for me, but the best part is that I have seen this before around the city- someone is tagging refuse with "BECOME YOUR DREAM", I've seen it written on another piece of discarded furniture! Now I'm wondering if there is just someone who is a bit fairy-like and enjoys spreading a positive message, or if it is the beginning of some larger propaganda, a la Shepard Fairey's Obey campaign. We shall see!



  2. Excellent! I am familiar with his work but somehow hadn't made the connection, thank you!