Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wyatt Siplak Peterson

After spending a long weekend in Pittsburgh with my brand new nephew Wyatt, I wouldn't dream of letting anything or anyone else be featured today.  It is very different photographing a subject who has no vanity whatsoever, it doesn't happen very often with people. Everything he did was amazing and he didn't even know it. I couldn't keep track of  how many squeaks he made or how many minutes I spent listening to him breathe. I spent more time with the family and holding him than taking pictures, but I'm excited about the photos I took. The most extensive photo shoot was during his bath time. It wasn't his favorite thing but I think he felt pretty good when it was over. After he was rinsed, Mommy (Sarah) and Daddy (Scott), put him on his plush towel and together they gently rubbed him with apricot oil. This photo shows Wyatt getting a post bath baby massage by both his parents during which Sarah lifted his little feet so I could get a good look at those toes.


  1. What a great shot! Wyatt is so lucky to have such a wonderful photographer. Now, we just need to find him an agent and a publicist. Sincerely, Wyatt's Dad

  2. What a beautiful photo. Congratulations to your family for the brand new addition. I can't wait to have our baby in my arms... We still have a long way to go! Cheers! Rino Greenwood

  3. ahhhh, it is so sweet to hear you comment on your nephew. The baby and the picture are amazing! There is this peace in a household when a new baby arrives-you captured it in mentioning his squeaks and his tininess. I am so glad that you could be w/ your family and enjoy the time w/ him. It moves so fast. I am sure the pictures are precious to your in-laws. Thanks for sharing.