Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pygmy Seahorse

I am presently fascinated with a variety of fossils and other relics of nature, with and without decay. This is a Pygmy Seahorse, and pygmy it is. The actual height of this fantastic creature is equal to the length from the tip of my thumb to the first knuckle. I have two of them and will photograph them together as well. The roster also includes mini starfish, a variety of butterfly wings, and a selection of fossilized nautiluses. All of these things are very fantasy-like so I would like to explore some different ways of shooting them. This first example is not quite clinical though it does suggest science before fantasy. Strange sea creature discoveries definitely make one want to encapsulate and study, get to know the subject before deciding what to do with it.


  1. Nice post. I am eager to see what little natural treasures you discover with your camera. In studing Science for many years, I've been delighted to discover how nature yields itself to Art. Nature's patterns, structures and all of its randomness are inspiring if people take the time to observe. My daughter and I have been waiting for the Monarch eggs to hatch so we can collect catapillars. We've raised Monarch butterflies for the last couple of years and have been awed and educated everytime. While they are too delicate to send through the mail, I am happy to send you a couple of other (non-creepy) items you may find interesting.
    Blessings, Andrea

  2. Thank you- I would love to know what sort of items you would have to contribute. I would love to make a fairly large series.